System Monitoring

Every Frio controller can connect to the Frio Cloud Platform, enabling unparalleled access and insight. From centralized control to automatic fault detection and notification, the Frio system is designed to make your life easier and your systems more robust.

  • Centralized Control: Track energy use and view the health of all of your systems in one place from the convenience of your mobile device or computer. Gone are the days of climbing around cooling towers and pipes to check your heat trace controllers.
  • Automatic Fault Monitoring: Frio controllers automatically check for ground fault current, heat trace continuity, and system health. Never worry about dead trace and frozen pipes again.
  • Notification Options: Customizable notification settings allow you to receive automatic health reports and critical error messages via email, SMS or in the Frio app. Don’t want to worry about it? Sign up to have you notifications sent directly to a Frio installer who can fix your system before you even know it’s broken.